Autumn Leaves

Everybody loves autumn leaves — just like the piano tune by Roger Williams. It’s sad when they fall (and it sucks when you have to pick them up), but they’re pretty for a while. So here’s a post dedicated to the colorful leaves of my hometown!

The Burning Tree.
The Burning Tree.

This is my favorite tree in the neighborhood. Most years, though, I don’t catch it before all the leaves fall off (’cause trust me, the leaves on this one fall off faster than a lady of the evening’s attire).

The Fairy Pathway.

This is my second favorite picture. The majestic tree, paired with the leaves delicately sprinkled over the pavement, reminds me of an enchanted fairy conduit. (Ooohhh! I think I just saw a fairy! Did you see it?)

The Magic Street Sign.
The Magic Street Sign.

I really like this one, too. There’s no tree; but the leaves scattered over the ground around the lonely street sign make a very magical scene for me.

No Outlet!

The leaves on this one aren’t super-colorful, but the bright yellow “No Outlet” sign coupled with the tree makes a striking picture. (I didn’t go down the street, by the way, because I was afraid I might not be able to get back out. Or wait — is that not what “No Outlet” means?)

Menagerie o' Colors.
Menagerie o’ Colors.

I love the way this picture incorporates red leaves, yellow leaves and green. It’s supah-cool, I think. And it helps to support diversity 🙂


I call this tree “Sprinkles.” But don’t worry — he said it was okay with him. What a lovely specimen!

Half n' Half.
Half n’ Half.

This tree is called “Half n’ Half,” because all the leaves on his right side already fell off. (I didn’t want to make him angry by suggesting it — but I think he might have a naughty nay-nay tree disease, and that’s why he’s experiencing premature leaf-loss. I hope you won’t tell him I said that!)

Jack Got Hungry.
Jack Got Hungry.

This is the last photo I’ll include — and it’s only because I think it’s kinda funny. It looks like a hungry giant took a big bite out of it! I guess Jack’s mom forgot to make him pancakes that morning.

So, dearies — thanks for experiencing all these lovely trees with me! Talk again soon.


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