Which Stephen King Movie Is YOUR Favorite?

Good evening, my lovelies! I was just sitting around watching Pet Sematary last night — and I realized for the first time how flippin’ creepy it is! I mean, come on! That little zombie boy with the razor, taking bites out of little old guys? And that creepy little laugh! Ahhhh!

So — my favorite Stephen King movie is Rose Red. Always has been, and always will be. Has a special place in my heart for some reason. Second-favorite is The Shining. But the CREEPIEST one is PET SEMATARY! Totally, undeniably.

What’s YOUR favorite Stephen King movie? Tell us all about it, just in time for Halloween! :):):)


11 thoughts on “Which Stephen King Movie Is YOUR Favorite?

  1. I think I’ve read more of his books than seen the movies based off of his books. I’d say The Shining is number 1, fo sho. IT was also creepy as $##% when I watched it many many years ago.

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      1. As an addendum: Misery (the book) is perhaps better than the movie, the movie plot follows exactely the plot of the book and the link is fantastic. Of course Shining (movie) starring Nicholson makes the difference with the novel that is less quick…when at the beginning of the movie the riding of the car to Overlook is the Sign of the movie … and Kubric… Also Pet S is a good book and movie… p.s. Misery is my fav King’s novel. Great writer! ☺ saluti by Rinaldo from Venice Italy .

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  2. The Shining is my fave film and it’s not even close for second. Even with its extraordinary running time and periodic slower moments the film’s major scenes are locked up completely in my memory even after all these years. A classic. (My fave book of his as well)

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