The Wedding of Shannon & Seema.

I just had to do a quick post about this. It’s the recent wedding of Shannon and Seema — the first openly Indian lesbian couple to get married! I hadn’t seen anything this awesome in a long time.

The Happy Couple :)
The Happy Couple 🙂

Click here for more pics.

Seeing those pics made me realize that maybe — someday — there’ll be a happy ending waiting out there for ME! (Well, if it would be waiting, I guess it already is waiting — I just don’t know it. Whatevs!)

I’m sure this story inspired a lot of people — and gave them hope for their own happy endings. It’s like Once Upon a Time in real life; only without Camelot, and the ogres, and Brave. I can’t wait to watch that tomorrow night.

Good for you, Shannon and Seema! I hope you’re happy forever 🙂


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