I Have Become the Master (or the Mistress, rather) of the CreateSpace Formatted Interior Template!


Yes, ladies and gentlemen! I have figured out how to BEAST the CreateSpace Formatted Template! I am now an unofficial Template-Ninja.

I can’t tell you how much trouble those darned formatted templates used to give me. If you’re an independent author — you probably know exactly what I mean! First, the table of contents goes all wonky on you; then, when you think you have the page numbers just right, they go out of order again!

But I have learned the secrets, grasshopper.


Oh, yeah! This template, my friends, is now my WITCH. (Pardon my French.)

First, you have to start with the table of contents. Get that out of the way, and delete any unwanted pages from the get-go (for instance, if you don’t want the dedication or the acknowledgments).

Of course you can’t do the page numbers yet; so now start pasting your chapters into the body of the template. After you’ve gotten past the initial ten chapters they give you, insert a page break between every chapter. Chances are, the fonts ARE going to go wonky on you; but you just have to bear with that, and edit them as you go.

Don’t worry if the page numbers don’t look right at this point. You’ll want to wait until you have the WHOLE book pasted in; then go back to the first page of the text, double-click the footer where the page number is located, and select FORMAT PAGE NUMBERS from your Insert option. Then, select START WITH 1. If 2 isn’t showing up, double-click the footer on page two, and just select INSERT PAGE NUMBER (wherever you want it to show up). Sometimes, for 3, you have to double-click again, and select CURRENT POSITION from your page number options. It’s kind of a step-by-step process. From there, everything SHOULD be smooth sailing.

The last important thing: Don’t forget to change your gutter margins! For average-sized books, it’s usually 0.5. But it can be either more or less. The thing is, you have to wait until all your pages are pasted in to change the gutters; and sometimes, this makes it so that you have to re-do your page breaks. Don’t forget to mirror your margins, either!

And hey — if you’re new to this process, and you’d like a little help, just ask me! I sure wish there had been someone to ask when I was learning how to do it.

Peace out, my friends. 🙂


8 thoughts on “I Have Become the Master (or the Mistress, rather) of the CreateSpace Formatted Interior Template!

  1. I gave up on the Create Space template. After using it and moving things I still had the footer numbers outside the printable page. So I gave up and set up my own novel using the create space rules I copy all my stuff into that and it works. Well done for mastering it. It just frustrated the he’ll out of me!

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