Fairies, Trolls, & Magic All Around.

Sometimes, we all need a little magic. As for me — well, I’m customarily in need of a LOT of magic. I’ve watched Don Bluth’s A Troll in Central Park twice this week. The film is, apparently, “widely considered to be Bluth’s worst film.”


I don’t get it. TV Guide said that the movie is “pastel-pretty and cloyingly sweet,” and that it’s “strictly for the youngest members of the movie-going audience.”

Hmmm. I guess I’m not very mature! Oh, well.

The movie’s about a troll named Stanley, who gets kicked out of Queen Gnorga’s kingdom for growing flowers with his green thumb. He lands in Central Park, befriends two young children, and eventually ends up having to save them from the evil Gnorga.


It’s a beautiful movie. Perhaps, you won’t agree with me. Perhaps you’ll agree with TV Guide, and say that it’s “cloyingly sweet.”

But I like things like that. They make me forget how evil the world is.

A TROLL IN CENTRAL PARK, 1994, (c)Warner Bros.

The movie features one of my favorite songs from an animated film: “Absolutely Green,” sung by Dom DeLuise, who voiced Stanley.

Take a listen to this song, and just see if doesn’t make you feel better! (The YouTuber who made the video, by the way, is very talented; and it’s cut just perfectly. Therefore, I’m honored to include it in my post.)




I like to close my eyes,

So my heart can plainly see

Right through the way things are

Clear to the way they ought to be.

To somewhere that’s safe, and sunlit and serene,

And absolutely green.


Picture a perfect place

Where there is no doom and gloom:

Birds singing happy songs,

And flowers bursting into bloom.

A somewhere like nowhere else you’ve ever seen,

That’s absolutely green.


That’s how the world can be if we just want it;

Why isn’t it that way, do you suppose?

Maybe ’cause no one’s concentrating on it —

Just give it love and kindness,

And see how green it grows!


Maybe it’s just a dream,

But I know deep in my heart,

If everyone believed —

Believing is the place to start.

We could fill everywhere with flowers,

If each of us used all our powers —

If we all cared!

Is what I really mean.



We could all live in a world that’s bright and shiny,

And absolutely green . . .

We could all live in a world that’s bright and shiny,

And absolutely green!



As to the fairies mentioned in the title of this post — I intend to include a poem by Mary Jane Carr. Just to spread a little more magic, you know.


The wee folk will be tripping,

In their silver dancing shoon,


When a ring’s around the moon:


Curtsy to the right and left,

And curtsy to the middle —

The fiddler will be fiddling

On his tiny fairy fiddle;


In and out and round about,

A magic circle making:

The pipers will be piping

Till their tiny throats are aching.


Oh, few may watch the wee ones dance,

For fairy guards are spying,

And down beneath the grasses

All the dancers will be hieing;


But harken well, what time you see

A ring around the moon;

And you will hear the music

Of the wee folks’ dancing tune.



Oh, yeah! Feel that magic! Look for that ring around the moon. And, like Stanley said: “If everyone believed — believing is the place to start.”

22 thoughts on “Fairies, Trolls, & Magic All Around.

  1. I recognized Don Bluth’s name instantly from “An American Tail.” That likely is considered one of his best. I had not heard of this film but the song was great. I absolutely loved the poem also. I am a “moon person.” Each month I check to see when the full moon is coming. And indeed…we all can use a little magic!

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  2. owww that is such a sweet post!! I have not seen this movie but I sure will now! I love fairy tales, trolls, children and lots of songs!! it soothes your mind and takes your mind off of lot of things that keeps you at them all day, everyday!! The poem by Mary Jane Carr is also sweet! I think I should by heart it since I have a niece now! hehe thanks for sharing

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love those movies, too. When I was little, I even had one of the LaserDisc posters for Fievel Goes West. But you know how kids are — I cut it up, and completely ruined it. Sad about that, now! 😦


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