C.M. Blackwood Presents: The SYMPHONY Series.

Everyone liked to write poetry in high school, right? And even for a while after that? That’s how I started out writing. And yet, while poetry becomes some people’s main form of artistic expression, the process sort of faded away for me, leaving fictional stories in its wake.

But I’ve been excavating some of my old poems — and I think I’m going to start resurrecting them. Some are a little too dark and emo to share, I think (yeah, I was one of those emo kids); but others have something of the symphony in them. I’ve discarded the old titles, in order to present them afresh.

And so, to kick off the Symphony Series . . .

Symphony in White

Shine down, Moon, all through the night

To make the eerie darkness bright

And turn the evil blackness white.

Shine down, Moon, and keep us safe

In shadowed corners were demons wait;

Save us, Moon, from smoky hands

That reach and twist from the Goblin Man.

Is that his name?

What is he called?

If you tried, Moon —

Could you save us all?

The world is large — I know that now.

Are you hiding, Moon, in the mist of clouds?

If you cannot slip down worldly rungs —

Then sail around and wake the Sun.




14 thoughts on “C.M. Blackwood Presents: The SYMPHONY Series.

  1. Poetry is a way for me to tell tiny stories. And they help with the bigger picture. Hopefully, the flow and word choices help make my longer pieces and books better for it.

    Its always nice to look back at old pieces to see how far we’ve come. πŸ’•

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  2. I only started writing poetry a year ago and I am still discovering it’s joys. Maybe it’s the musicality, or that delving into words to get the sounds and meanings. I think one can use words that you can’t use easily in novels because of their complexity or the sheer craziness . Not sure how tingling tantalising touch would sit in a novel. Loved the poem looking forward to more.

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