There’s A Fairy in My Garden Patch.

Illustration © Garth Williams.



There’s a fairy in my garden patch

Her manners are most foul

She throws rockses through my window

And plucks featherses from my owl.


My owl’s name is Beatrice

And she’s quite a precious thing

She likes to sit ‘neath my window

And all the day she likes to sing.


But that fairy tortures my owl

And there’s never a moment’s peace

She takes the feathers she plucked yesterday

And pastes them back with grease.


I’m growing tired of that fairy

And I fear I may do her some harm

If she doesn’t stop throwing rockses

I just might chop off her arm.




Text © C.M. Blackwood 2016


7 thoughts on “There’s A Fairy in My Garden Patch.

    1. I know — right? I love all the illustrations from “The Golden Books Treasury of Elves and Fairies.” I thought this one would be good for this poem, which started in my head while I was brushing my teeth 🙂

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