An Ode to Dickens’s Dream.

Dickens’s Dream by Robert William Buss


Your visions dance about you:

The blood of hours gone;

And yet we all can clearly see

The dreams you dreamt upon.


Your visions mix with ours

Till it’s hard to tell what’s real;

All we know is that we see it,

All we know is what we feel.


In every mind, ten thousand dreams

Flow up, and down, and in between;

We’re halfway mad, and halfway dead,

Yet still, we are serene.




Text Β© C.M. Blackwood 2016


23 thoughts on “An Ode to Dickens’s Dream.

  1. I have not read books by Dickens yet but I love his quotes and I read a lot of them… Your poem would make Charles so proud… He’d be so happy to read from someone who loves his work so much to give him an ode… Wonderful poem my dear… Wonderful. πŸ™‚

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