Cappuccino etiquette (& other Italy survival tips)

Perfectly lovely little portrait of good old Italy. Humorous and extremely well-written.

High Heels & A Backpack

2 o’clock in the afternoon!?

The restaurant echoes with metallic clanging as a spoon falls to the ground. As the spoon falls, its user emits a shriek of horror… a shriek mirrored by the other restaurant patrons and the place falls silent with shock… That American woman over there, she… she… OH MY GOD I can’t even say it!  She ordered a cappuccino at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Sacrilege!!!
A cappuccino in Italy is a breakfast drink – as is any coffee with milk actually. Maybe you won’t get such a dramatic reaction, but you’ll certainly be looked at quizzically as the server wonders why on Earth someone would make such a peculiar request!
The way of drinking coffee here is to stand at the bar and drink it quickly – none of this sitting around gossiping in Starbucks business. [Oh, and don’t mention Starbucks to your Italian friends!]

Ciao Bella!

Take everything…

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