I’m abandoned (or) Am I abandoning all?

A stunning poetry/art compilation by two extremely talented individuals: Miss Gentileschi and SyedaFR. Please enjoy.

Art Expedition

I´ve met a wonderful new friend here just a couple of days ago – SyedaFR –  and she writes the most beautiful poetry I´ve ever read!

After liking each other´s posts like crazy;) we´ve come up with the idea to create something new: I said that I would love to paint or draw something in relation to one of her poems as they just flooded my imagination with pictures, and she said that she would love to write something in response to one of my pieces – she optioned for the painting “Abandonement” seen below – and she was first!:)

Here comes her beautiful, beautiful poem:

Walking alone on the once known track,
I feel today like a lost bird, where feelings lack.

In the darkness I move or in broad daylight,
I see all but no human in vision or sight.

They are all breathing and moving herds,

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7 thoughts on “I’m abandoned (or) Am I abandoning all?

  1. Oh my goodness! This is such a wonderful surprise. Thank you so much C.M. Glad to have found sweet people like the two of you! Keep writing and inspiring us C.M. , keep drawing and sketching Sarah and I’l try to make some sensible lines! 😉

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