The Doll’s the Thing.


“Dolls turn malignant late at night. They stare at you with those glassy eyes. I won’t say they are plotting, but I can’t say they aren’t.” — Stephen King

I find myself enamored with this quote. Probably it is because of Sally, who sits beside my bed, with a porcelain face and real human hair. I have told everyone that she attempts to strangle me, each night in my sleep — but for some reason or other, they refuse to believe me. Perhaps it is her angelic countenance. Not angelic to me, though. To me, she is the devil.

I lie awake for hours, staring at Sally. But she will not move while I watch her. Finally, when my eyes grow too heavy to remain open any longer, and I drift into an uneasy sleep . . . SHE STRIKES! I have the scars to prove it, but the nurses claim they are self-inflicted.

I have thought of setting Sally on fire. Or throwing her out the window. But the nurses won’t give me matches, no matter how politely I ask; and there are bars on my window.

There are bars on all the windows here. On the bright side, though, tomorrow is Pancake Thursday.

Well, I’m getting sleepy now; and I know that I will soon drift off. Perhaps Sally will kill me tonight. Or perhaps the devil will come for her, and drag her back to hell.

Either way — I probably won’t get any pancakes tomorrow.


P.S. — Sometimes the nurses allow me Internet privileges; and while I was in the library today, I came across a very creepy story. Hence the creepy Stephen King quote. You can read that story here.


25 thoughts on “The Doll’s the Thing.

  1. Whoa! This gives me the creeps! And awfully reminds me of me having banned my doll out from my bedroom when I was a kid after watching “Child´s Play” – which I really shouldn´t have watched as I was far too young!;)

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