Lamia and the 7 Elves of Kildún.

I’m reblogging this story that I wrote back in October, using images from Froud/Berk’s THE RUNES OF ELFLAND. In February, I took the original fairy tale I wrote, and lengthened it into a novelette called THE STORY OF LAMIA AND PAN. Click here for a closer look.

Blackwood's Magazine

There was once a young woman named Lamia, who dwelt in the world of humans, and who longed for someone to love her. While she was lying in her bed one night, and wondering what it would be like for someone to hold her, and tell her that she was dear to them, something amazing happened. She saw a bright light shining through her closed eyelids: and she looked to see a pure white doorway standing open in the wall of her bedroom.

She got out of bed, and walked to the doorway, just past which there was a very small elf standing. “Come into Kildún,” he said, “and find the one you love.”

So Lamia followed him through the doorway. Beyond, there opened up a beautiful world of green grasses, blue skies, and sparkling waters. Lamia had never seen anything like it.

“Come,” the little elf repeated. “Come and find…

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