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#OnceUponATime Party: Free E-Books.

In honor of Sunday’s premiere of Once Upon a Time — my favorite show in the entire world — I will be hosting a mid-week Free-stravaganza. I haven’t had any free days for a while, and a want to show a l’il love.


On Wednesday, we’ll kick things off with my new fantasy novelette, The Story of Lamia & Pan. Click here to see more.


On Thursday, we’ll move on to the first book in my unofficial “Once Upon a Time” Series, The Sorceress and the Sleeping Beauty. Click here to see more.


On Friday, to cap off a weary week, we’ll round things off with my favorite fairy tale, The Black Queen. Click here to see more.


Starting on Wednesday, I’ll be posting every day to remind everyone of the links to my #OnceUponATime party. I hope you enjoy the freebies; and I invite you to join in on the comments and feedback!

All my love,




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13 thoughts on “#OnceUponATime Party: Free E-Books.

      1. Awesome! I didn´t know that platform before – will have a look at it soon.
        I often think that a great cover often increases the number of possible readers:) Hope it will work like that for you, too! 🙂

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