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#OnceUponATime Party: Day 2 for Free Books!

Hello, all! Today is day #2 of the #OnceUponATime party, and The Sorceress and the Sleeping Beauty is free until midnight!


Click here to view on Amazon.

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Ariella & Gala: Poster 1


“Why do you come to me?” Gala breathed.

“Cease your shivering. Do you think me a ghost?”

Gala answered nothing.

“Well,” said the woman, “I am not. So please – do not fear me.”

“You still have not told me why you come.”

“I come,” said the woman, taking a step nearer, “to tell you a story.”

With this single step, she came to share with Gala the pool of silver shine which fell across the floor. Her face was revealed; and Gala’s eyes widened.

“You see something that frightens you?” the woman asked with a smile.

Gala shook her head. “No,” she answered. “I have only heard that you are very beautiful.”

“And you think the opinion a wrong one?”


The woman was silent for a moment; and Gala made use of the silence, to study her face. It had clearly seen the passing of many years. Much of its smooth softness had worn away; but in place of that, there was come a noble, elegant regality which was very overwhelming to look upon. Dark hair was bound up tightly, and black eyes burned in the moonlight . . .



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18 thoughts on “#OnceUponATime Party: Day 2 for Free Books!

    1. I haven’t! You know, it’s amazing the amount of material we COULD read, which would make us better at what we do — but how to read it all? They should invent an automatic word-swallower for your eyeballs . . . 🙂

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      1. Photographer name of Germaine Krull…beautiful photos and studies…of course i had to post them as Dreams of Desire 18…I will be running out of material soon…love the cover of your new book with new title and also love the angel on your banner…would that be your good self perchance..have I just wandered out of an Austen novel? oh dear

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well I was I’ll and at home so I missed you…reading your sleeping beauty between sneezing and groaning…there is another long story for you to wade through when you get a chance…how who killed edie Montgomery finished and available?


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