Evolutions, not revolutions

A beautiful and emotional piece of fiction by a brilliant writer. Please visit her blog and comment!

The Escritorium

Hello Escritori,

I’ve been having a few very tentative chats with some lovely and talented followers about what to do with the Tuesday slot when Bipolar isn’t much of a consideration.

Flash fiction didn’t go down well. So today I’m sharing an old piece from a writing prompt.  I’d be SO GRATEFUL if you would take the time to comment even though this is two years old. 

WARNING: Content involves themes of death and young babies.

~ Pola ~


She laid her head against his chest and listened to the irregular thump of his heartbeat. Of course she’d already detected the arrhythmia with her stethoscope, but this was more an act of apology. Regret at the need for the cold weight of metal, resolute on the delicate birdcage containing his heart. She felt she owed him the human warmth of a brush of hair, the gentle texture of an attentive…

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