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#OnceUponATime Party: Final Day for Free E-Books!

Hello, all! Just a quick note to remind you that this is the last day of the #OnceUponATime party. Up today: The Black Queen.


Click here to view on Amazon.

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Without another word, Miroth came forward, and held his staff over Eleanora. She closed her eyes, but a moment later, they flew open. Her head tilted back, so that her face was pointed towards the summer sky. Her feet rose several inches off the ground, and she hung there for a moment, suspended in midair. Her blue eyes shone clearly in the sunlight, bright and shimmering like the surface of the sea. But suddenly a dark cloud passed over them; and when it had gone, they were black.

Miroth put down his staff, and lowered Eleanora gently to the ground. She rolled her head, and put a hand to her neck, as if trying to work out a crick that had come into it. Then she raised her face, and looked at Miroth with her black eyes.

“How do you feel?” he asked her.

She showed a small smile – but it was very different from any smile that she had ever shown before. It was a cold smile; a cruel smile.

“I feel much better, actually,” she answered lightly. “Come, Miroth! Won’t you walk with me?”

She motioned for him to follow her, and they set off together through the wood . . .



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