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The Amazing Canva.

So, I’ve been having tons of fun this week on Canva. If you’ve never used it before, it’s a design platform for book covers, Twitter and Facebook headers, whatevs. As long as you use your own images, and restrict yourself to the free elements, you can make some pretty stunning stuff, for no cash at all. They also have their own layouts and images, and those are just a dollar apiece. Not too bad.

Once you download your design, if you have any “PAY” elements in it, you have 24 hours to edit it, and re-download it if you wish, without being charged more than once. So, in a 24-hour period, you could download as many versions of your design as you like — for just that one dollar. Catch is, if you wait longer than 24 hours, and you download again, you have to pay another dollar. They don’t charge you right away, though. They either wait until you’ve spent a total of $10, or until 30 days has passed, whichever comes first. So bear that in mind.

Since I’ve got all my covers looking just the way I want them to, I’ve been having fun with “Twitter blurbs” in my spare moments. I’d often seen them on other people’s Twitter pages, as their pinned Tweet for one of their books. But I’d never tried to make one. Yesterday, I included one for The Grey Rider in a post; but here are two more that I’ve made since, for my upcoming release, and for an older book.

Life's a Bowl of Cherries . . . (2)

Can her love save Adette

Isn’t Canva awesome?



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18 thoughts on “The Amazing Canva.

  1. Yes, it absolutely is! And thank you for describing its use! I´m sure I will have a closer look at it soon.
    By the way: I just looove the byline (?) “Life´s a bowl of cherries…until someone chops your head off” – awesome! If I would see your book in a store and wouldn´t know what it´s about, I would buy it just because of that!;)

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  2. Very professional, but does self-publishing have as disdained a ‘rep’ in the U.S. as it does in the U.K? This kind of thing would lead me to think that you’re kinder Over the Pond. ~ P ~

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    1. Nope — I w0uldn’t say we’re kinder AT ALL. Most indies dream of one day scoring a traditional publishing contract (myself included), but in level of difficulty, it’s just between sticking a screwdriver in your eye, and sawing your arm off. (The scale being, sawing your arm is a bit harder.) 🙂


  3. Love the bowl of cherries until your head is chopped off…i say to folks why so glum/miserable/down etc you could be half dead in a ditch being eaten by wild dogs…don’t saw off your arm or stab your eye with a screwdriver just keep on keeping on…adopt a pose of imperious disdain and show them (choose a swear word of your liking) what you are made of…my regards as always

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  4. Canva is awesome!! I’ve been using it for several months and subscribed to the Canva for Work. I liked the idea of creating and maintaining my brand kit in one central location and the ability to create a gazillion different professional looking projects greatly appealed to me. Being web-based was another huge plus for me.

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