Little Red Riding Hood & Dorothy Gale Share True Love’s Kiss

Mainstream television has finally done something that I never thought they would do. They gave a pair of lesbians a heartwarming happy ending.

It took place a couple of weeks ago on Once Upon a Time, in the episode “Ruby Slippers.” Zelena put Dorothy under a sleeping curse, and Ruby traveled to the Underworld in search of Auntie Em. She needed Auntie Em to bestow true love’s kiss upon Dorothy, so that she would wake.

But then Hades — well, he messed Auntie Em up. Bye bye, Auntie Em. Mean old Hades.

Anyway, when Ruby started freaking out about how she was going to save Dorothy without Auntie Em, Snow White suggested that she wake Dorothy up herself. Snow got Ruby to admit that she DID love Dorothy — so finally, she traveled with Snow back to Oz by way of Zelena’s silver slippers, to kiss Dorothy, and save her.

Once Upon a Time had been tinkering with this theme for over a year now, first with Mulan and Aurora, and then (after Mulan got her heart broken by disappointment) with Mulan and Merida. I still think something’s going to come of that whole Mulan-Merida thing. I’m pretty sure Ruby and Dorothy were a test run to see how an expanded story of Mulan and Merida would play out. I sure hope they bring back Ruby and Dorothy, though, because that whole darned thing just brought tears into my eyes.

Well done, Once Upon a Time. I congratulate you on your bravery — and I commend you on a well-crafted and beautiful story (just the same as always).

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