Everyone’s thought it. Frozen’s Queen Elsa might very possibly be a lesbian. Her sister Anna thought she was in love with a fiendish prince, and then actually fell in love with a poor ice-collector — but it was never shown who Elsa might be interested in. Then, when the hit TV show Once Upon a Time did a Frozen theme for half a season, the idea that Elsa might be gay was pushed even farther (or so I thought). Now, Tweep-gone-viral @lexi4prez (actual name Alexis Isabel) has started a campaign to give Elsa a girlfriend in the Frozen sequel, which is due to “come out” in 2018. Obviously, she’s taken a lot of hack, but she’s also garnered a lot of support.

Obviously, I’m here to lend my support to Isabel and her campaign. Recently, Once Upon a Time pushed boundaries with their story-line of Ruby and Dorothy, and now it’s time for Disney to do the same. Lesbian love isn’t a synonym for sadism. It’s beautiful, just like Beauty & the Beast. Just like Aladdin and Jasmine.

Follow Alexis Isabel on Twitter to show your support. I know not everyone is supportive of a lesbian-themed Frozen sequel — but hey, if you hate it all that much, just pull out your old tape of The Sleeping Beauty, and content yourself with that. Let’s move forward.


12 thoughts on “#GiveElsaAGirlfriend

  1. LOL a Lesbian, i didn’t see that one coming. Where do you come up with this stuff. We loved your feedback on a few of our stories and any other input would be much appreciated at Gastradamus, thanks .

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  2. Let’s move forward indeed. I’ve heard many theories that Frozen was meant to be an extension of support for LGBT+, with Elsa’s powers as a metaphor for her sexuality and Oaken as Disney’s first ever explicitly gay character. Its well-past time to have a lesbian Disney Princess. I hope they step up!

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