Houston, we…I have a problem

Can’t believe I haven’t reblogged this before now. Miss Gentileschi was thoughtful enough to pair my writing with her art, and I didn’t reblog it. Can you see my marbles? Because I’ve lost them.

Art Expedition

P1110158 Asteroid Impacts – april 2015

Yesterday I came across a hilariously funny post written by my new friend C.M. Blackwood – I´m taking the liberty and add one of my earlier paintings as I think it might fit;)

Please visit her beautiful and inspiring blog!

Me: Houston, we have a problem.

Houston: What is it?

Me: I’m not sure. I’m just feeling very existential and nostalgic today.

Houston: Listen, K-26. You know that this is a mission command center, right? We’re not here for existential breakdowns.

Me: What about the nostalgia? You didn’t refer to the nostalgia.

Houston: We don’t handle that, either, K-26.

Me: You know — that might be part of our problem right there. I have a name, you know. I didn’t come out of the womb, with people slapping my bottom and calling me K-26.

*A shuffling sound of paperwork as mission command looks at my file.*

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