So, I Knew a Guy Who Said He Knew Stephen King . . .

Well, this guy didn’t really KNOW Stephen King. They just used to live really close to one another. One time, this guy said he saw King walking by in the road, and said “Hey.” King looked up, said “Hey” back — very politely, this guy said — then looked back down, and continued on his way.

stephen king

This guy also told me a little bit more background about King’s initial success, which I’m sure he didn’t hear from King himself, just from other sources. But it always interested him, I guess, on account of the fact that he’d once said “Hey” to King. Which, admittedly, is pretty cool.

But anyway. King’s first book wasΒ Carrie,Β and he had tons of trouble finding a publisher for it. Eventually, he got so frustrated, he threw the whole manuscript away, and vowed that he was done with it. But his wife went looking for it in the garbage, and went round to other publishers without telling him, eventually securing him a contract. That’s what the guy told me, anyway.

I just thought it was an interesting and inspiring story, so I thought I’d share it. Thanks for reading!


24 thoughts on “So, I Knew a Guy Who Said He Knew Stephen King . . .

  1. Hmmmmm, I don’t recall seeing that in On Writing. But, I know there was some tremendous frustration because money was so tight then for his family. But, from everything I’ve heard, Tabitha is quite amazing as a person.

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    1. Hey, I could be wrong. If it had just been some guy off the street, I would’ve been like, “Hmmm. OK.” But he was a very professional sort of gentleman who seemed to know his stuff, so I said, “All righty, then. Very interesting.” But every story has the possibility of holes :0

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  2. I’ve heard that story too…not directly from King though. He hasn’t even said “hey” to me. I wonder if it’s true or urban legend. My guess is it was still on his computer, or his wife would have had to type it all over again!

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  3. Great post!! I never knew that he had trouble getting published! ThatΒ΄s a lesson for life then: it happens to the best of us! I just finished reading his “Pet Sematary” – it was absolutely amazing! πŸ™‚

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  4. If you’re interested in learning more , King has a biography published (I don’t know the author’s name right off) as well as an autobiography of sorts called On Writing. Check it out πŸ™‚

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