“Lesbians 4 Hillary”

Last December, Clinton laid out a detailed plan on LGBT issues, ranging from passing the “Equality Act” to protecting the rights of transgender people. She has also championed the task of ending the use of “conversion therapy” on minors.

“It is time to end conversion therapy for minors,” Clinton says. “We should be supporting LGBT kids – not trying to change them.”


This is a huge and powerful statement for a presidential candidate to make. Even many liberals don’t have the courage to say something like that, for fear that it might affect how they’re viewed by conservatives.

But Clinton couldn’t care less. Her LGBT plan has even garnered her the support of LPAC, America’s first and only lesbian political action committee. LPAC has set up a “Lesbians 4 Hillary” campaign, co-chaired by tennis icon Billie Jean King.


In case you didn’t know, the Equality Act of 2015 (which Clinton supports) is kind of a big deal. If passed, it would amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include protections that ban discrimination against LGBT individuals for a variety of reasons.

Now, I very seldom blog about politics (I usually don’t want anything to do with them), but this is an issue I feel strongly about. Many people criticize President Obama’s performance, but in my opinion, no one else could have accomplished what he has over the last two terms. You may disagree with me if you like.

Furthermore, I believe that Hillary Clinton is the only person capable of continuing with the progress Obama’s made. Not just for LGBT reasons, but for her overall approach to the presidency.


8 thoughts on ““Lesbians 4 Hillary”

  1. I know – politics is so controversial. But like you needed to post this, I feel compelled to respond. I was a Vermont resident and so I know Bernie’s position of human rights pretty well from when he was in our state legislature before becoming a US Senator. He also is supportive of LGBT rights. I’ll be happy with either of them. Anyone who cares about fairness, kindness, compassion, and equality must vote for the Democrat who wins the nomination, even if he/she isn’t our first choice. The alternative is unthinkable.

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  2. The thought of Trump winning is a bit jaw-dropping to be honest. I live in Ireland and I was delighted when the previously Catholic (with its not very enlightened or forgiving attitude towards LBGT rights) dominated country became the first country in the world to pass gay marriage by popular vote, overwhelmingly too, with 62% voting in favour. Unfortunately not everyone in the world commends a live and let live approach.

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    1. That’s too true. But hey, it is what it is. That’s pretty cool about passing gay marriage in Ireland! I’ve always wanted to go there. I’m half-Irish, and I’ve always dreamt about visiting those green rolling hills. Maybe I’ll see ya there someday! 😉

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      1. Hopefully, it was very cool that it passed and it was a popular vote so nobody could complain about elites forcing there agenda. I have a few new posts up your comments are always welcome. Keep fighting the good fight C.M

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