Author Spotlight: T.A. Peters

As an indie author, one has the privilege of getting to know other indies on platforms like Twitter or blogs. And, every once in a while, you meet a very special one.

This is a guest spotlight on Mr. T.A. Peters, author of the award-winning historical novel, Loggerhead. I have lately had the pleasure of reading it, and intend now to share my review with you.

As Mr. Peters says himself, one should turn to Loggerhead when looking for a “different” kind of historical novel. Tired of reading the overdone rewrites about a prince who falls in love with a peasant? Want something meatier? Want something that actually stimulates your intellect?

Then read Loggerhead.

To sum it up briefly, this is a story about seventeen-year-old Mary Fisher, who is long, lean, and very “unco” (a Scottish adjective meaning unusual or remarkable). Her oddly-shaped face and lack of feminine attributes have always led people to view her as a queer sort of young woman.

And yet, she has found a faithful lover in the beautiful Abigail Greene, two years and two months her senior, but somehow infinitely more wise and philosophical than Mary.

Despite such a lack of ability to philosophize, however, Mary is blessed with keen powers bordering on clairvoyance. She’s like a biblical prophetess come to 1896 Florida.

After escaping a series of disastrous events that are only vaguely outlined in this particular novel (but which can be divined in the books of Mr. Peters’s Green Flourish Pentalogy), Mary and Abigail arrive in Loggerhead for a little honeymoon. True enough, they start off with a respite of “good food and good love” (as Abigail says), but soon the calamities ensue. Included among them are robbery, alleged rape, and the clamoring of a small Southern town to hang a young black man.

But this is only the thinnest slice of the entire Loggerhead pie.

Above all, T.A. Peters should be commended on his ability to combine the ugly with the beautiful, the wicked with the pure, and still come out on top with an overall, heartwarming sense of righteousness and belonging. He doesn’t shy from showing what is tarnished and imperfect – but he directs us to the beauty in the midst of all that, like a spotlight shining down on a messy stage.

In conclusion, I give my commendations to the triumph that is Loggerhead, the first of the Mary Fisher novels – and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a stimulating, extremely well-written historical read.

Click here to view Loggerhead on Amazon


And yet, Loggerhead is far from being a solitary success. Following in its footsteps is another rousing adventure entitled One Little Word, which picks up where Loggerhead leaves off, and follows Mary and Abigail into a strange and mysterious town which apparently hosts a healing angel — and where nothing is as it seems.

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But that’s still not all! Ranging before these two stand-alone novels, and describing Mary’s life from childhood to meeting, and loving, Abigail, are five books comprising the Green Flourish Pentalogy. The exciting news is, now all five books are available for purchase in a single ninety-nine cent volume!

I know — right? It seems unreal.

Click here to view the Pentalogy on Amazon


And now — for a little background on Mr. Peters.


T.A. Peters was born in Fort Worth, Texas, and has lived in Florida for over twenty years. The author’s interests in classic literature, language, dialect, philosophy, theology and local history resulted in the writing of the Green Flourish series of books, including the novels One Little Word and the award-winning Loggerhead featuring the diffident, atypical heroine Mary Fisher, and the prequel Green Flourish Pentalogy which presents an intimate portrait of Mary’s ascendance as a character from her conception to maturity in five volumes.



Twitter handle: @TAPetersAuthor

“Good morning, Florida!” (A candid shot of local cows taken by Mr. Peters)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks’s spotlight, and I hope you’ll enjoy digging up more information about the talented T.A. Peters.

Thanks for reading!



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