Now Available for Pre-Order!

My middle-grade fantasy novel, Down the Halloween River, is now available for pre-order. $2.99 to buy for Kindle, publication date is October 1, 2016.

Cousins Branbury and Todd aren’t popular at school, but they find solace in Halloween, their favorite holiday. And this PARTICULAR Halloween turns out to be the best of all — when a magic portal opens up in the doorway of the cousins’ tree house, leading them down the Halloween River to Monster Town! 

Come and join Branbury and Todd on their wild adventure through Monster Town! Team up with them to unravel the mystery behind the evil Mayor Peabody’s rise to power. Meet new friends, including Ned the one-eyed ferryman; Francis the Punkinhead; and Victor Frankenstein’s famous monster, whose name is actually Amos.

Thanks, guys!


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