September Spotlight: Calling to Guest Authors!

Hi, all! I am writing to cordially invite you to my “September Spotlight” — eight days of questions and answers with my lovely indie friends. Every Wednesday and Sunday in September, I’ll host an author. And you’ll look ever so awesome!

The first slot will be Wednesday, September 7, and every Sunday and Wednesday from then on . . . on a first come, first served basis, you know. If I can’t fit you in during the allotted spaces, I’ll try to make some wiggle room — or you might want to wait until October, when the Halloween Hoedown’s coming to town! Either that, or a regular space in October.

If you’re at all interested, email me at:

When I receive your application, I’ll send you a brief questionnaire, which you can shoot back to me. Like I said, first applicants will get the first spots, but I’ll try my utmost to fit everybody else in, too. Happy September, friends!



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