Guest Author: Y.M. Sheree

Hello, everyone! Welcome to another entry in our “Spotlight” series. Today’s special guest is romance author Y.M. Sheree, a smash hit on Amazon who’s garnered more than fifty reviews for her first book, and an impressive amount for her two follow-ups.

Let’s have a chat with her!


  1. Everyone has a story about why they love to write. What’s yours?

I enjoy creating stories that individuals love to read. I never thought I was a great storyteller until I published my first book. The feedback and reviews that I received make it more enjoyable for me to keep creating new stories. It’s fun to create characters that come to life on pages that make readers fall in love with.


  1. If there’s a particular book you’re trying to market right now, will you tell us about it?

 My sophomore book The Switch Up which is a standalone it’s about two twin sisters  with day and night personalities which is what you encounter with the Humphries twins Seleste and Simone. One loves to live in the moment while the other loves to plan. Circumstances place the sisters in a situation that makes one question if she made the wrong choice. Then there is the businessman Erik Rivers, lost in his desires for success may cause him to risk losing the love he desires. The sisters decide to play the switching game. The Switch Up is full of thought provoking experiences and unforeseen outcomes.  The book is filled with drama, deceit, and family issues.


  1. Most authors in the market nowadays have experienced their fair share of ups and downs. Will you tell us how the positive moments make up for the negative ones?

I have definitely had my share of ups and downs since I started my journey a year ago. The positive moments that I have encountered have surpassed the negative ones. I have the most amazing readers and supporters that constantly keep me motivated to continue writing.  I enjoy meeting new individuals in the literary world whether it’s through blog radio, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or book events. I learn a lot about myself as an individual and author.


  1. If you could say one thing to the whole world, and have each and every person hear you – what would you say? It could be about your books, or anything at all in the whole universe.

Don’t let naysayers dictate whether or not you strive to reach any goal in your life. Anything you choose to do in life press forward until you reach that set goal.  Never be complacent in anything you do.


  1. Who’s your favorite author? Are you more into modern or classic literature? What do you think of modern literature on the whole?

I have a few authors that I call my favorites but I will have to say Brenda Jackson. I enjoy her family series The Westmorelands and The Madaris family. She is an amazing author and I strive to be just as good as she is. I am an avid reader no matter what era a book was written. As long as the story can capture my attention, I will read it.


The book links for all three of my books on Amazon


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Wow, that was a pretty great interview! Thanks so much for coming to talk with us, Y.M. We wish you the best of success.


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