Guest Author: Shanae Watlington

Hello, lovely readers! Joining us today is romance author Shanae Watlington. Let’s take a look at her answers to our infamous questions . . .


  1. Everyone has a story about why they love to write. What’s yours?

As a child I always wrote my thoughts and feelings on paper.  I have quite the vivid imagination.  When I began writing my first book it was a feeling that I cannot describe it was more than just love.  It was empowering and it felt like my soul was set free with every word.  Once I unleashed my thoughts and began writing my story I hoped my readers would feel that in my book. 


  1. If there’s a particular book you’re trying to market right now, will you tell us about it?

Loving the Jones is my second book. It’s a sexy romance book that opens your mind about marriage and relationships.

With every choice you risk the life you would have had. With every decision you lose it” –Richard Bach
Despite catering to her home and ideal marriage, Nina realizes that something was still missing. Determined to find out what it is, leads her on a mission to keep her husband from wandering away into the arms of someone else. Despite Isaac being a dedicated husband who loved his wife, he wanted more than the typical marriage life. When his plan of marrying his wife to have her come out of her shell backfired, impatience set in and leads him to possibly embarking on temptations…..
Natalia is not your average strip club waitress… she has goals and is determined to let nothing or no one get in her way. Her focus may be on the wallets of wealthy men to help her reach her goal, but that could all change in the blink of an eye. The deal of a lifetime presented during a brief encounter has the possibility to change her circumstances instantly but is it worth the risk? Will Nina take a walk on the wild side to save her marriage from going up in shambles?
Will Isaac remain dedicated or will the temptation become too much to resist? Does Natalia accept the deal and the aftermath of it all? You don’t want to miss out on the twists and turns that will leave you on edge wanting more….


  1. Most authors in the market nowadays have experienced their fair share of ups and downs. Will you tell us how the positive moments make up for the negative ones?

I can honestly say I have had more positives experiences than negative.  When someone has read my book and they reach out and tell me how much they enjoyed the book and they speak about the characters as if they know and relate to them.  It’s amazing to talk with readers as well as other authors about books, brainstorming about books, ideas, and the whole process of creating the perfect story.  I had the best time at book events I have hosted and I’m blessed to be able to speak with people about books as well as my own.


  1. If you could say one thing to the whole world, and have each and every person hear you – what would you say? It could be about your books, or anything at all in the whole universe.

Live your dreams do not let anyone discourage you from being the person that you are destined to be.  If you want to become an author, write with passion.  If you have other goals that you want to achieve go after it with a vengeance and never give up. 


  1. Who’s your favorite author? Are you more into modern or classic literature? What do you think of modern literature on the whole?

My favorite author is Mary B. Morrison.  I have read every single book she has ever written and was hooked when I read Soul Mates Dissipate.  I read books from all eras, but The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne and I Know Why the Caged Bird sings by Maya Angelou are two of my all time favorites.


Great answers, Shanae! I, for one, really enjoyed our interview today. Here’s to Miss Watlington — and here’s to wishing her all the success in the world! 

Thanks so much for reading, everyone. To learn a little more about today’s author, click on the links below.








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