A Little Update

Hey, everybody! It’s been a while since I’ve done any personal posts, or any posts at all, really, except guest posts. One of my fave activities is browsing through the WordPress reader, and sharing quality posts to Facebook. But I haven’t done that in a while, either. I plan to hop on the reading train later this afternoon, though, and spread some good ol’ WordPress love on the renowned Book o’ Faces.

Just thought I’d take this opportunity, too, to share my experiences with the Inkitt Novel Contest. On the whole, I think that Inkitt is an amazing platform — the “hipster’s digital library.” Even the tagline’s cool. It’s a great forum for indie authors to share stories and receive feedback; but not such a great place, for me at least, for a novel contest.


You start with 100 copies of your novel that are available for readers to scoop up. That might not sound like a lot — but when you think of all the people on Facebook and Twitter who are trying to do the same thing, it becomes much more difficult. In order to accomplish it (unless you have a much, much larger network than I do), you’d have to promote just about 24-7.

Also a heads-up for those who are thinking about entering an Inkitt contest — I’ve noticed that, since I signed up for the contest, KU pages for my novel have literally evaporated. If you’re advertising the book for free on one platform, people aren’t going to look at it on a commercial platform like Amazon.

With hardly two weeks left in the contest, I’ve only had 14 downloads of my book! Isn’t that nuts? But I noticed that I’m not the only one it’s happened to. It’s just a tough nut to crack, my friends.

(Unless you’re a nutcracker.)


But anyway, I hope everyone else is doing well, and I hope to be a little more diligent about posting in the near future. To everyone who’s been keeping up with the September Spotlight, thanks so much!

Happy Sunday, my friends.




6 thoughts on “A Little Update

  1. Awww I’m sorry the contest isn’t working out for you. There is something to be said about KU and the fact that it’s a paid service, but with unlimited reading. It’s hard to compete with that. But don’t think it’s a negative reflection of your writing.

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    1. Awww, thanks Sarah. I realized that, and took in in stride. It’s a hard business. You know that just as well as anybody. Though I’m really in awe at the way you offer all your books for free! (That review’s coming soon, btw. Got backlogged, sorry.)

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      1. Ah, well, it’s definitely a unique choice, that’s for sure. But I don’t think less of anyone for making a different choice. That just doesn’t make sense. And no worries. Is it for Listen? I can’t remember which one you’re reading. 😆😆

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