One Lovely Blog Award

A little insight into one of my favorite WordPress teams, the Switch Sisters!

owl machine

Happy weekend one and all!

We were nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by the wonderful B, queen of productivity and organization and reading and baking and gardening and other things we only wish we could do. The best part about having a wordpress blog is meeting fellow talents like B, and it’s even sweeter when those fellow talents are Canadian! (We’re Canadiana nerds.) B, thanks so much for nominating us and for continuing to enjoy our work. For the record, we are in awe of your organization and find it hard to believe that we share a geographic location since we are such terrible disorganized slobs.

Friends, give B a visit. Here’s our quick tasting menu of what she has to offer: Cupcakes that sound almost too good to be true,  A heavy dose of reading nostalgia, and one that applies to us a little…

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