Guest Author: Suzanne Bowditch

Good evening, readers and writers. Welcome to the second installment of Blackwood’s Magazine’s Indie Author Spotlight for October! Today’s special guest is Suzanne Bowditch. Let’s have a chat with her!

Let’s talk about writing!




  1. Everyone has a story about why they love to write. What’s yours?

I have loved to write since a teenager. I entered a competition at school and came second, since then I have kept diaries, journals and scribbled notes, but was never serious about my writing. Last year however, I took a writing challenge and my passion was rekindled! Now I write most days, as a fulltime writer of historical fiction.


  1. If there’s a particular book you’re trying to market right now, will you tell us about it?

I’ve self published my second book Alice’s Secret: A Celtic Trilogy in July. It’s the follow on book for a saga I’m writing, based in Tasmania and Melbourne.


  1. Most authors in the market nowadays have experienced their fair share of ups and downs. Will you tell us how the positive moments make up for the negative ones?

As a writer, I think that any feedback received is positive, especially when that reader has enjoyed your book. I encourage any feedback really, and any constructive criticism, which helps in the writing/learning process. Fortunately the feedback so far to my books has been good, which is lovely.


  1. If you could say one thing to the whole world, and have each and every person hear you – what would you say? It could be about your books, or anything at all in the whole universe.

That’s a very big question! I seriously think that reading produces positive vibes, helps us to learn about the world and each other, and whilst we’re deep into a book, we’re not having cause to think negatively. Reading is good for the soul!


  1. Who’s your favorite author? Are you more into modern or classic literature? What do you think of modern literature on the whole?

I have a few favorites, mainly modern literature. As a teenager, I loved Stephen King and had a passion for anything by Catherine Cookson. Her books on the hardships of life in northern England have inspired me. Recently I’ve enjoyed books by Elizabeth Gilbert, Hannah Kent and Margaret Atwood. I’ve just finished reading Jane Harper’s The Dry, which I’d recommend; it’s really good.




Excellent answers, Suzanne! Reading definitely is good for the soul. And the Celtic Trilogy sounds like it’s off to an awesome start! Great work!

To learn more about Suzanne and her work, please check out the links provided below.


Find me at:


My books


Elen (A Celtic Trilogy #Book 1)




Alice’s Secret (A Celtic Trilogy # Book 2)

Alice’s Secret

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