Guest Author: Rohvannyn Shaw

Good evening, reading and writing peeps. With us today is Rohvannyn Shaw, author of The Dice of Fate.


  1. Everyone has a story about why they love to write. What’s yours?


I grew up with both parents being writers.  Literature was a part of life.  I always had stories to tell, but I only started to love to write when I learned to type well.  That revolutionized things.  When I got my first real computer, it was finally easy to write, revise, rethink, and repeat.  Writing was finally satisfying when my word output could catch up with my racing thoughts.  I’ve also drawn all of my life, so it’s a natural thing to illustrate.  The combination of drawings with text is especially satisfying to me.  This is why my novel, The Dice of Fate, contains a hand painted map and several pen and ink illustrations even though that’s not usual for modern novels.


  1. If there’s a particular book you’re trying to market right now, will you tell us about it?


Right now, there are two.  The Dice of Fate tells about an ordinary call center worker who is transported into a world of mystery.  She discovers her inner strength while trying to solve the mystery of how she got there in the first place.  Ultimately, it’s about learning to have faith in yourself.  It can be found on CreateSpace and Kindle and is free for Kindle subscribers.

The other is a humorous book of advice on how to be a really, really, really bad employee.  In fact, if you did the opposite of the “advice” in this book, you’d probably be near perfect!  It sprang from ten years of work in customer service.  It should be titled and available by the time everyone reads this.


Both books, and my other work, can be found right here:


I also have a main blog called “Time to be Awesome” and that is here:



  1. Most authors in the market nowadays have experienced their fair share of ups and downs. Will you tell us how the positive moments make up for the negative ones?

It can be hard realizing I have to rewrite something yet again, even though I thought that paragraph was gold.  Or to have high hopes about a blog post and look into my tracker in the morning and find that not even one more person has looked at my content.  However, I think those lows make the successes all the sweeter.  I really feel like I worked for what I have, like no one handed me anything.  Ultimately I would write even if I never made a cent, so anything else is a bonus.


  1. If you could say one thing to the whole world, and have each and every person hear you – what would you say? It could be about your books, or anything at all in the whole universe.

“Don’t ever give up.  Whatever your goal, don’t quit.  Remember, as long as there’s life, there’s still hope.”


  1. Who’s your favorite author? Are you more into modern or classic literature? What do you think of modern literature on the whole?


I have many favorite authors and they can change depending on mood, time of year, or life circumstance.  I’ll pick Tom Clancy out of the pack.  I love his passion for detail combined with his ability to tell a good story, and his amazing level of research.  I still miss him as an author.

I’m divided about modern versus classic literature.  I think some so-called classics are really overrated while others don’t get nearly enough press.  Some modern literature is pure schlock, yet is popular, while really good stuff goes by the wayside.  That’s to be expected I suppose, and it’s been going on since before everybody wrote Mozart off as popular music.


Wow, that was an interesting interview! I have to say, I really loved Miss Shaw’s answers.

Just a little reminder: Rohvannyn’s new book, How to P!ss Off the Customers (A Little Book of Bad Advice) is available now! Just follow the link provided above!

Thanks for reading, everybody. Have a good one.


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