Project Launch: #BeautifulPsycho

For those of you who saw this project on Twitter or Facebook — I’m here to lay it down for you!

The nation’s kind of been in an uproar lately. The election left everyone confused and divided. But America’s about more than that — it’s about everything we already have, not what we wish we had.

So I’m officially launching a new project, hosted by my new indie publishing house LION & LAMB Publications. “Lion & Lamb” represents the duality that exists in everything. In God: the roaring lion with the blood of the lamb; in people, who are masses of conflicting light and shadow.

So this is the idea. Everyone in this world is a little bit psycho; but everyone is beautiful, too. In very different ways.

This is a shout-out for everyone to share your story. Even if it’s just a couple of words. Shout it out on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #BeautifulPsycho. I’ll be tossing ’em out as examples over the next few days.

#GiveElsaAGirlfriend was one of the more recent hashtag explosions. Let’s do the same for #BeautifulPsycho.


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