This is the first of a series of upcoming book reviews. I’ve been really behind on my reading lately, but I’m trying to catch up 🙂

Mary and Abigail are two lovers traveling through Florida, and it seems as if trouble is waiting for them around every corner.

“One Little Word” is the sequel to Peters’s award-winning novel “Loggerhead.” It picks up exactly where the action left off, and we find Mary and Abigail in the back of a pig-filled cart, traveling towards the boat that will take them home to Greenhaven.

But of course things don’t go as planned. The location of a lost child leads the couple on a journey into the shrouded, mysterious town of Bela, where absolutely nothing is as it seems – and where practically everything will go wrong.

Get ready for a non-stop rollercoaster of twists and turns. The action is as rollicking and aggressive as Mary’s deadly left hand, and just when you think you’ve gotten to the most exciting part – you haven’t. And yet, even the fast-paced action sequences are written beautifully. It’s as if two books by Sarah Waters and Clive Cussler got together and had a baby. The title of the book is a reference to an old hymn, which claims that the Prince of Darkness will be felled by one little word. The same is true in this case – but you’re never going to guess the way the devil goes down.

Throughout all the fighting, running and shooting, though, one thing holds the narrative in place like an anchor in troubled waters. This thing, of course, is the love shared by strange-looking, mannish Mary and the stunningly beautiful Abigail. Fans of “Loggerhead” grew to love the honest romance of these two heroines, and readers of “One Little Word” will not be disappointed.

Now all that’s left is to wait for the next book. Mary and Abigail’s adventures will resume in “Yet the Sea Is Not Full.” (But never fear! If you’re craving another dose of Mary and Abigail, you can read about their earlier adventures in Peters’s “Green Flourish Pentalogy.”)

Click here to view ONE LITTLE WORD on AMAZON.


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