LOVE IN THE STACKS by Cara Malone.

Mira Lockhart has spent the last ten years climbing the professional ladder to finally land the director gig at Westbrook Public Library. But once she gets there, she has to deal with a particularly nasty co-worker, not to mention what seems like a never-ending train of acts of vandalism and bad publicity. Nevertheless, she uprooted her whole life and moved to Westbrook for this job, and she’s not about to give up her lofty title so easily.

But things get complicated when Chelle Tate shows up looking for a job at the library. There’s instant chemistry between the two women, but Mira makes is clear that there can’t be anything more than that. Well – easier said than done. It doesn’t take long before things get physical. And really, really complicated as Mira constantly worries that someone’s going to find out about her unprofessional relationship with her subordinate.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable story. I really got invested in the characters. I found myself thinking about Mira and Chelle’s situation even when I wasn’t reading the book, not to mention, the two beautiful women make pretty good material for fantasizing. Which is what everyone loves in a romance, right? The author was very adept at describing the emotions of the characters, and over the course of the second half of the book, I felt like I was on an emotional rollercoaster ride right along with them. I felt every kiss and every tear. Not to mention, the love scenes were very well-written. I adored everything about the ending. A highly-recommended title.

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