BEAUTY & THE WOLF by Bridget Essex.

Bella is a small-town lesbian waitress with a horrible boss, a wicked sense of humor, and absolutely no hope of ever finding true love. That is – until Mel Grim arrives in town. The woman is striking, mysterious, and elusive. Bella is immediately attracted to her. And yet, it seems that Grim is keeping some kind of secret.

When Bella loses her job at the diner, Grim offers her a job cooking for her family. Bella doesn’t hesitate, because she has no other options, but she sure is in for a lot of upcoming weirdness that has to do with Grim’s family: including a surly sister, a drunken brother who used to be in a boy band, and an adorable nephew who says some really strange things. In the midst of it all, Bella finds herself falling for Grim – but when the secret finally comes out, will their newfound romance survive the fallout?

This was an awesome book. I fell in love with Bella’s sense of humor immediately; it’s steady and lighthearted throughout the entire book. I usually don’t relate too well with masculine women like Grim, but something about her captivated me. The author described her to perfection. Only problem is, if this were ever turned into a movie, I don’t think they’d be able to find the right person to play Mel Grim. It’d be impossible.

In the bio info at the back of the book, it’s written that people have lauded some of Essex’s work as “TWILIGHT for women who love women.” I was thinking that just about as soon as I started the book, and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the result. I was excited to learn there are so many more titles available from Bridget Essex!

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