I Miss You, Daddy

One year ago today, I found out you were gone.

I knew something was wrong, but you were so far away.

You didn’t answer your phone.

When I picked up the phone that night, I already knew.

Uncle Charlie told me what I already knew.

Our path was complicated, Daddy,

Filled with twists and turns.

But I’ll always remember being a little girl,

Goin’ 4-wheelin’ with you,

Eatin’ cheeseburgers with you.

We had so much fun.

As I grew older, we grew apart,

But I never loved you any less.

Those last couple years were a blessing,

Because they brought us back together.

Even if it was only on the phone.

I miss you, Daddy, and I can still hear your voice

Singing country songs.

I sing country songs because you sang them.

I love you, Daddy, and I always will.

Throw a beer back for me up in Heaven,

Won’t you, Daddy?

Say hello to Uncle David

And Grandpa Walter

And Dale Earnhardt.

I love you, Daddy,

And part of your heart’s still here with me.


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