I looked down, and saw what appeared to be a large whirlpool opening up in the midst of the sea.

My eyes widened, and I asked, “Are we sailing into that?”

“Of course,” she answered. But then she tightened her grip on my arm again, pulling me closer to her. “If you’re afraid,” she said, “just stay beside me. I’ll keep you safe.”

I felt a pang of independence at those words, which made me want to pull away and stand on my own while we neared the strange whirlpool. But at the same time, I couldn’t deny that I was afraid. So I stayed close to her, pushing our hips together, holding her arm tightly. I could feel the warmth of her skin, and I could see its strange sparkle in the light from the gleaming sun. I wanted to reach out and touch one of her pointed ears.


5 thoughts on “From: THE QUEENS OF ELFLAND

  1. Pointed ears! An elf ? It’s clear from the excerpt that you write well and your words gel together to show the picture. But elves,dwarves,dragons, the middle earth are getting bit clichéd. I sincerely hope that you would go beyond them Best of Luck. I also have two excerpts on my blog and would appreciate criticism. Thanks.

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      1. I love the fantasy too! But as a reader , I expect an all new creation of the world This is just an honest opinion. But as you say,it’s about characters than about the settings. I’ll wait for you to get published soon. Hope to get a free Copy.


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