New feelings

And familiar ones

Novelty mixed with ancient history

More novelty, though

New sensations making me


As I try to fit my own pieces together

As I try to figure out

How your pieces could fit with mine

How I could make my pieces work better

For you

Yo quiero estar contigo, vivir contigo

Bailar contigo, tener contigo

Seven dollars a month

Eight dollars a month

So many dollar signs shining in my eyes

Reminding me that

I am not who I wish I was

I am not what you deserve

I am well-dressed, my makeup is intact

But I am tired

Con tu física y tu química también tu anatomía

La cerveza y el tequila y tu boca con la mía

Ya no puedo más

I wonder what the moon looks like tonight

I wonder if you can see it now

I wonder if I am wondering for nothing

I wonder if I have lost my mind

Possibly in a good way

Una noche loca

Ay besar tu boca


For Lira.


(Italicized portions quoted from the Portuguese version of “Bailando” by Enrique Iglesias. Not my own work.)


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